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With Thanks

August 10, 2010

Everyone loves a baby. And as it turns out everyone loves to give gifts to babies and momma’s to be. I have recently received surprise gifts from some pretty amazing ladies. It is a wonderful feeling to see what people purchase/make/create for little Elsa.

Recently we were able to spend an evening with a very much missed old friend of mine and her beautiful family. Christina (, her husband and their two adorable children were in town from D.C. Along with them came a very sweet gift chosen and presented by their six-year-old daughter, Betty. In addition to the amazingly soft blanket and really cute layette, Christina is going to paint a portrait for us once Elsa shares her face with the world. Truly a beautiful gift from some amazingly beautiful people.

Betty may have to become Elsa's personal shopper. (Photo by: Michelle Stephens)

Speaking of good friends, Z’s childhood friend (and Emmy nominee), Jeremy got married last summer to a kick ass lady, Haley of The Zen of Making. Not only is she a sweet and compassionate girl but she is also an amazing creator of awesomeness. Her newest creation being a nursing top for yours truly. She is documenting the process on her blog and I am getting excited!!  I am honored that I will be the recipient of one her projects. I love following her blog and seeing what this Brooklyn girl will create next.

The very beginning of my shirt!!! Check into her blog to see it progress. (Photo courtesy of: The Zen of Making)

If I didn’t know better, and I just may not, I would be easily convinced that Noelle from Zpots pottery had figured a way to put a touch of magic in her creations. To hold one of her pots in your hands is to feel a connection to something a bit greater and grounded at the same time. Z and I have been a fan of her and her husband’s work for sometime now. We consider ourselves collectors of Zpots (I dare you to find a room in our house void of Zpot presence) and gift them to friends when possible. The pots themselves are beautiful but the real beauty lies in their creators. I received a very meaningful gift from Noelle just a few days ago. It is a dream jar from her poetry and pottery VPots line. Engraved on its surface is a poem by Noelle, “Ode To The Mother”. I am beyond thankful for such an amazing gift. I cannot wait to fill it up with my dreams for Elsa and our family.

My new dream jar. (Photo by: Michelle Stephens)

This last gift is from the wife of Z’s co-worker. Her gift is so sweet in two ways. First, it is a handmade knit bunny. Adorable doesn’t do it justice. It is too cute. Second, not only have I never met this lady but I have not met her husband, either. He is the newest reporter on staff at the newspaper where Z works and happened to have landed the desk adjacent to my husband. I have a deep appreciation for handmade gifts. I feel like the love that they were made with is contained in the gift forever. So, for Elsa to have received a gift handmade by someone I haven’t met (yet) is double the thoughtfulness.

Can you handle the cuteness? (Photo by: Michelle Stephens)

It is truly an honor to be on the receiving end of these beautifully though out and created gifts. To all the ladies, and their families, mentioned here and to everyone else who has generously given something to my baby,

Thank You.



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  1. August 11, 2010 1:58 pm

    Aww! I hope I can live up to all of this “amazing creator of awesomeness” talk! ;P

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