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Full Term

August 8, 2010

37 weeks. Full term. The waiting officially begins now. We have taken our birthing class, written our birth plan, toured the birthing center, set up her bassinet, gathered diapers, washed tiny clothes and blankets and cleaned our home top to bottom, twice.

Tiny adorable laundry. (Photo by:Michelle Stephens)

She is “allowed” to be born now. She is fully developed and ready for life outside my womb. Funny thing is, I have ceased all contractions. Weeks of threatened pre-term labor and now that she has the green light? Not so much. And not for lack of trying to coax her. We have driven over Putney Mountain 5 times this past week. (Not for the sole purpose of bouncing her out.) Which resulted in maybe a Braxton Hick contraction and a whole lot of kicking by her.

Putney Mtn. (Photo by: Zachary P. Stephens)

I think she has come to realize how awesome life inside my tummy is. She is warm, safe and cozy. She gets to enjoy Ben & Jerry’s whenever Mommy does. (Which may or may not be frequently.) She gets near constant back rubs from either me, her daddy or perfect strangers. And, she can sleep all day without waking to eat or have a diaper change. What she does not realize is that we promise to give her all of that PLUS as much space to squirm as she could ever want. (OK, the Ben & Jerry’s is going to have to be delivered via breast milk, but, isn’t that better than via her belly button???)

Super cozy with room to squirm. (Photo by:Michelle Stephens)

I suppose she will eventually figure out that she needs to come out at some point. If I take a step back and look at her family history and all her relatives past and present it should come as no surprise that my daughter is showing signs of being stubborn. I couldn’t be more proud!!!♥



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  1. August 9, 2010 9:33 am

    Betty said we are famous as the blanket we got Elsa is on the web 🙂 We love u all so very much!!!!

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