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Elsa Month

August 2, 2010

It is here. August. Since my first Ob appointment, when I found out that I was due in August, this month has been my beacon. My goal post. My destination. And, as of Sunday, it is here. Three more weeks until that predicted due date. It is amazing that within the next month we will be parents. Elsa will be more than a nudge in my ever-expanding belly. She will be tangible breathing proof of mine and Z’s love to one another. Very, very soon our DAUGHTER will be in our arms.

(Image by: Zachary P. Stephens)

It is crazy to look back and think that a mere 37 weeks ago she was a wish, dream and microscopic cells. Now she is a 6+/- pound 19+/- inch fetus. She is a complete human who feels and dreams. I know how the science works but still believe it is mostly magic and love that has made her grow into what she is so quickly.

36 Weeks!!! (Image by: Michelle Stephens)

Here at Z+M-ville we have made last-minute preparations for her grand entrance. In between contractions (yes I am still having those 5 weeks later) I have managed to pack our bags and start to put together her little room. We still have a ton to do in there but for now I feel like it is starting to come together.

Don't worry, the blankets and toys will be removed once she sleeps in there. I know better!!

In addition to our bags and her room being (mostly) ready, we recently had her car seats installed in our vehicles. It is truly amazing how many little tricks there are to safely install them. We learned that close to 95% of first time parents install their car seats improperly. Craziness. We now feel like we are a bit closer to being ready for Elsa. (We are convinced that NOTHING will completely prepare us, however, we are enjoying the false sense of readiness we have created.)

A corner of her book case. What else does she need?

As I near 37 weeks we decided to do some (most likely) final maternity portraits. Z took them in the middle of the Green River in Guilford, VT. We were a very short drive down the river from the spot where Z proposed to me 5 1/2 years ago. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun. I am so glad that we were able to find the time to do them before you-know-who is born.

*More images coming soon......* (Image by: Zachary P. Stephens)

So, here we are. Playing the waiting game. Every day brings us closer to meeting our tiny miracle. Every day is a new sign that the end/beginning is very near. Our home, cars and hearts are ready, Elsa. Come out come out wherever you are, Mommy and Daddy want to hold you!!

(Image by: Zachary P. Stephens)



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  1. Graceface permalink
    August 2, 2010 11:28 am

    Love the photos, love you guys.

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